WFFC – first edition

On April 1st will begin the first edition of World Fanboys Fighting Championship, held in Detroit, US. Planned from years ago, the soon to be annual fighting contest will become a reality, as wished by people from all around the world.

As stated by the official staff of the contest, the fighting championship will give the opportunity for fanboys to fight each other in the following contests:

  1. Best PC Operating systems (Linux fanboys vs. Windows fanboys vs. MacOS fanboys vs. BSD fanboys)
  2. Best Mobile Operating systems (Android fanboys vs iOS fanboys vs Windows fanboys)
  3. Best GPU ( AMD fanboys vs nVidia fanboys )
  4. Best CPU (Intel fanboys vs AMD fanboys )
  5. Best text editor (multiple teams)
  6. Best Antivirus (multiple teams)

Mr. Jackie Wacko, president of the International Fanboys Foundation, said: “It’s a great opportunity for fanboys across the world to settle long lasting disputes and fights over the internet. They will have the chance to directly face their opponents, fight them and show which one is right. Basically, there are no rules, except one: each fighter gets a weapon of his choice from a list of available items like: fork, chopsticks, usb cable, keyboard, spoon, mouse, headphones, external ssd, etc. Once the fighting match starts, there is no time limit for it, it will go on until one of the two fighters becomes physically incapacitated.  Who wins, means he’s right. It’s the only and best way to settle these kind of arguments, I’m telling you!”

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